Fantabulous Day #3 – Yeah! Here We Go…… Deep Space Nine TV Show & Blue Skies

I finally got my blog up and running.  I still need to tweak it, but I can finally get this thing going.  I always have a lots to say and good info to share.  I made a link to a couple of online stores.  One in Favorites, which is my favorite things.  You can tell a lot about people by looking at their stuff.  That is for sure.  I also made a link to The Green Boots store.  It has some of my favorite green things.  Of course it is all sponsored by Amazon which one of my favorite places to shop.  Check it out.

Deep Space Nine

I have not missed any days writing, just posting.  I am still on track with my everyday writing even though I had some issues getting Fantabulous Day going.  I am trying to stay focused but I am trying to watch TV at the same time that I am writing.  I have the box set of Deep Space Nine (Star Trek) and I am enjoying it.  I am a true Treky.  I think I spelled that correctly.  We don’t get too many good shows here, so I watch DVDs instead of the military stations.  Although I must say the Armed Forces Network has come a long way over the years, but it is still very limited.

It was beautiful weather today.  Of course I always thank God for the weather, the blue skies the warm sun.  The mood was great around the office and I was very productive today.  I took some pictures which I will work on.  I need to find a quick way to upload them if possible.  Working on the internet is a slow process here.  I am patient so I don’t mind at all.  So stay tuned for some pictures.

I found out an interesting factoid today.  Did you know that the clothes sizes have been alter to make people thing they are wearing smaller sizes.  I didn’t know that. All this time I thought I went down a couple of sizes, but the only thing that probably went down is the tag on the clothing.  I still feel happier anyway. 

Any who, I have been thinking of all the things I can do on my blog.  I always wanted to publish a podcast or maybe post a video.  I am feeling really creative.  Wish me luck.

I had to work some long hours today and it is getting late.  I think it is time to turn in.

So until tomorrow…….

Lotus Blossom

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