Fantabulous Day Radio #3 – Measure & Lose

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Fantabulous Day Radio #3 – Measure & Lose

Show Notes

Liz reveals the new structure for the show and new name.

In the week in review section there is an update given on Episode 2’s show product review of the FitBit Wireless Trainer.  Liz also discusses employee appreciation day at her site and gives overall week ending stats.

The 14 Week Fantabulous Day Challenge was launched to lose 28 lbs in 14 weeks.

Fantaubous Day Radio is now listed in the ITunes Directory.

The feature section talks about Portion control with tactics you can use to make lifestyle changes and loss weight.

The Things I Love section includes a film review of “Who Killed the Electric Car”

Links mentioned in the show:

Practicing Portion Control, Weight Watchers Article
Interactive Tool for Measuring Portion Control on WebMD
Portion Control and the Gadgets We Use Have A Lot in Common, The Seattle Times
Self Magazine Nutritional Data Search
Who Killed the Electric Car Documentary

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