Fantabulous Day #97 – My Online Life is A Changin Forever, Even it it Kills Me in the End

I am changing the location of my blog and boy is my brain aching. My current hosting site just was not working for me, so I am exploring new solutions. I must say this ain’t been easy. Not only do I have to move all my content, I have to learn new formats, and change the location of my Podcast as well. This has not been an easy task.

It takes a lot of thought to up root your old home and move into a much specifier place. I am already liking my new digs. My blog is now host at There business is blogs. I feel like I can finally spread my wings. I was learning that there were things I wanted to accomplish that just was not happening with Go Daddy.

I implore all of you to be patient. There is still some cleanup to be done, some packing to do and some good byes to be said. At the moment the new site is .
I thought that was a very appropriate name fro my new local. Fantabulous Day is still up and I am debating whether to keep as a pointer to this site. I don’t know yet. I will see.

Any who, wish me luck with the move. Tell me what you think.  I am always open to suggestions.

You Lurvly Lotus and Brain Dead at the Moment
Lizzy 🙂

About Elizabeth Hall

CEO & Founder of Smart Office Help Social Media Management, Lifestyle blogger at, Podcaster & Mommy
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