Fantabulous Day #98 – Holy Mackrel, 1st Real Workout After Vaca and I Didn’t Die!

20120701 After lunch time run.

Man you don’t know how hard it was to get back on the road to the Disney Half.  I felt pretty good this morning and I was very motivated after listening to all the running podcast I have been listening too.  I think God is talking to me sometimes, because I keep hearing things just for me.

For example, Everyone has been talking about running after taking a break.  That is for me.  They are talking about not worrying so much about the walk run concept.  That is for me.  Not worrying about doing races.  That is for me.  I could go on and on.

Overall, I felt really good.  I had my new shoes on  and I had a great work out.  Of course this is day one back, but sometimes all it takes is to get going is a little nudge.

Instead of Logging in a Book, Take a Picture

Note to self:  I always forget my little notebook to log my workout.  Ah Ha!  I will start taking pictures.  WOW, I should have had a V8!

Your Lurvly & Lovable (Sweaty)
Lotus Lizzy 🙂

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