Fantabulous Day #100 – Running on My New Kicks

I have not had time to post to the blog in the last couple of days, but I have met my goal to get in at least 10 miles this week.  I am at about 11.49.  Yeah!  I think that will be it for this week.  I ran twice today since I ditched my workout yesterday.  Yesterday was suppose to be hill day.  I am not crying about losing that day.  My workout week is from Friday to Thursday.  Friday is my long run day because I am off that day.  I don’t have to worry about trying to have enough time to finish.

I have been running in my new kicks.  They are made by Saucony.  I had never heard of this company before until I patronized the Track Shack in Orlando.  I usually purchase New Balance shoes.  Once you get use to a certain brand you kind of stick to that.  At least I do anyway.  I am glad I embraced change.

I will give a really detail review on the podcast.  I love them.  They feel so good.  It may seem that way to me because my old shoes were so worn out.  I will not let that happen again.

Anyway I had some really good runs today and I even threw in some morning Yoga. 🙂

Your Lotus Lizzy 🙂

If you want to view my workout info, check out the “Half @ 6000 Ft Page” and you can check out my trackers on the right that I update after every workout day.

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