Fantabulous Day #106 – Mornings, Meditation & Oat Groats

Oat Groats

I try not to miss breakfast if at all possible.  Although I currently have an aversion to getting up early I do love mornings.  It always seems to be so peaceful and in my mind the air even seems to be still.  I always say the air has not been stirred up yet.  It is nice and quite at that time.

Although, it does not take long for the chaos to begin.  I think my mind starts racing the moment I awaken.  I am already thinking of what must be done at work before my rested eyes open.  Then it is pretty much on.   So I immediately I try to do a little meditation.  I really am not good at meditation.  Not at all!  I could use a lot of help in that area.

I guess this is where a good routine comes in.  I make the bed, take a shower (on non-workout days), listen to some informative podcast while I get ready, do my nails (yes I do my nails in the morning), eat breakfast and last but least I do a little cleanup.

My favorite and most filling breakfast is Oats.  I use to eat Quaker instant oats.  That was before I discovered oat groats and steel-cut oats.  Sometimes these oats are referred to Irish oats.  Once I had these, I never looked back.  They are more labor intensive that regular oats, but well worth it.  I usually cook a batch that will last all week in my crock pot overnight.

Of course you can put anything in them.  Today I added a small banana, honey, blueberries and cinnamon.   MMMMM.  I switch up what I add, but this is still my choice for a quick breakfast.

If anyone can give me some advice on meditation practices I am all ears.

No work out planned today.  It is muscle-building day (rest day).

Have a Fantabulous Day
Your Lurvly Lotus Lizzy 🙂

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3 Responses to Fantabulous Day #106 – Mornings, Meditation & Oat Groats

  1. chopnchat says:

    I can honestly say I NEVER miss breakfast because it helps me start the day so strongly. I actually do raw fruit and find that works super well. Yours looks great as well!

    • lizforaday says:

      I love fruit also, but I just get hungry so fast. Do you only eat raw foods?

      • chopnchat says:

        I always start the day raw. Usually banana and apple, sometimes some blueberries. Midmorning, I have a handful of almonds. Lunch would be something like today’s recipe on my blog, Broccoli Bulgur Basil Bliss. Sometimes with a nice little bowl of homemade soup (bunch of those in my Recipes…) Or you can do a nice sweet potato nuked, with hummus and a bowl of soup. Afternoon snack…probably some hummus and carrots or whatever I have in the fridge or little crackers with the hummus. Supper is usually whatever big thing I made that is sitting in there…could be a veggie lasagna, portabella burger, stuffed peppers…I always make so I have for a couple of days…I do a lot of veggies with grains like brown rice…especially grilled little peppers…yum. I also grill both sweet and white potatoes. lol I do tend to go on and on and on…

I would luv, luv, to hear from you! :)

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