Fantabulous Day #109 – I Would Like Pizza, a Movie & Throw in an Earthquake Please

Weekly Movie Pick
Red 2010

Yesterday was movie night for us here at Green Village.  This is a way for my colleagues and I to have some quality time and enjoy each other company.  Every now and then my boss flips for pizza.  Well tonight the boss was not flipping for pizza so I and a few others decide to purchase our own.  Off we went to the MWR to fetch our munchies.  You can’t have a movie without food.

So once there, we order the pizza and was waiting.  All of a sudden the floor began to shake among other things.  It did not last that long, but I felt it pretty good.  We recognized it right away as being a earthquake.

Earthquake shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan
July 12 2012 at 08:46pm

You can read the details on the quake yourself.  No one was hurt, so that is a good thing.  Apparently earthquakes are not uncommon here.  Afghanistan is prone to earthquakes, which is something that I did not know before coming to work here more than 6 years ago.  I also did not know it snowed here.  I had never seen any snow on any news footage.  I feel real stupid even admitting it now.

A couple of years ago (while I was sound asleep) I was awakened when my bed started shaking.  It was shaking so hard that I though someone was in my room.  It scared the crap out me.  I looked around the room, saw no one was there and believed I was dreaming.  I found out the next morning that is was a for real quake.  I was kind of happy to hear that.  I really thought someone was in my room.   🙂 Anyway.

That is my earthquake story.  After the pizza pick up we went on to enjoy the movie pick, Red.  I have seen this movie before, but I still loved watching it again.  Thursdays are the best day for us to do our get together because Thursdays are our Fridays and Fridays are our 1 day off.  We don’t want to see each other on our 1 day off so movie night is held on Thursdays.  🙂  We work together all week and practically live together so really there is no way not to see each other everyday.  It is just not possible.

I give the movie a thumbs up.  You can read the details of what the move is about at the link below.

I intend to relax and do nothing, but my long run later.  You can check out an update of my training schedule on my Half @ 6000 ft page.

Love, Peace, & Hair Grease
Lizzy 🙂

Red 210 Details

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