Fantabulous Day #122 – Elite Athletes, Overrated Sleep and Staying Focused

Simon Says!

Coach Simon gave me this picture.  I guess you want to know who coach Simon is?  Well he is my coworker.  I decided to make him my coach after he sent me the picture above.  Simon is from Kenya and the only place he runs is to the dinning facility if he wants to make it there before it closes.  That is his contribution to my Disney ½ Marathon training.  He also reminds me constantly that I need to be drinking water.  I am horrible at reminding myself to do it, so I welcome his constant nagging and advice.

I Wuv You Simon for caring about my well being. 🙂

I must say things have been very quite here in the Fantabulous world of Lizzy.  I have been doing minimal workout and watching as much of the Olympics in the wee hours before I pass out and the morning hours between wake up and work time.  I love watching the elite athletes do their thing.  I have actually been losing sleep because of the different time zones.  I have the hardest time keeping up with the schedules.  Oh well, sleep is so over rated………..NOT! I do love my sleep.  I am not going to lie.  I can barely keep my eyes open after a certain time of night.  I guess that comes with age.

Can you imagine doing nothing but training everyday.  You could never have a bad day or be lazy.  Why?  Because you country is depending on you.  That must be incredibly stressful.  In any case these people are amazing.  Here I am in the mist of my Disney half marathon training and I decide I just don’t want to workout.  I am totally not motivated. Don’t get me wrong, I am still training, just slower than normal.

Any who I am not kicking myself in the butt.  I’m just saying……  I don’t feel stressed at all.  I am not running the marathon for anyone else but myself.  I don’t want any stress so I am staying focused on my three goals:



Not be Last!

That’s easy………………….Right?

Your Laid Back Lotus Lizzy  🙂

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2 Responses to Fantabulous Day #122 – Elite Athletes, Overrated Sleep and Staying Focused

  1. I agree that it can be great to take it easy, and to prize your joy over all else. When you are doing something just for you, it is great to not feel stressed. You’ll probably learn more with that approach than if you got super stressed and needed to be in first place..then you may end up being sad. Instead, you have a win-win up ahead. Good for you on running a marathon! Quite inspiring!

    • lizforaday says:

      Thanks Jennifer. Believe me I have to keep telling myself that I am just doing this for me, over and over again. It is so easy to get caught up in what I see as other people watching me, when that is not the case at all. The mind sure does play tricks on you doesn’t it. 🙂

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