Fantabulous Day #131- Running Alone & An Unexpected Invite

Flower Shop in Levorno, Italy

My company has people working all over Afghanistan and every once in awhile I actually get to meet the people that I am in communication with.  One of those people is John who I only get to see for a short time every now and then.  All my coworkers know about my Disney 1/2 Marathon training.  I did that on purpose for accountability purposes of course.

Once you say things out loud you are automatically held accountable.  It is like they are all counting on me to make the goals that I have set:

Start……………….Finish………………………Not be Last  🙂

My friends here are always asking “How many miles?”  I enjoy sharing my life with them.  Anyway John gave me an invite to run with him next time he comes through.  I thought that was awesome.  I immediately accepted, but then……the dread set in.

John is an grownup runner and I am a baby runner.  How am I going to keep up with him?  I sent him an email back to let him know that I would run with him, but I am very slow.  He told me not to worry about that, he would run at my pace.

I like John.  That made me feel at easy and I am really looking forward to our run.  I have never run with anyone before, so I think I would really enjoy it.  I will let you all know once we have our quality time/quality run together.

Thanks John for the invite. 🙂

Your Lotus Lizzy 🙂

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