Fantabulous Day #138 – Blog Crack, Vacation Plans, Ubud Bali & New Travel Page

I love reading my favorite blogs especially on Sundays.  The reason for this is pretty simple.  It is relatively quite and I can actually catch up on my reading.   I follow so many blogs that it can be distracting at some point.  It it is my blog crack.  🙂

Besides getting my daily blog crack fixes, I have been trying to plan my next vacation.  It took me awhile to decide exactly where I wanted to go.  I didn’t want to go home this time.  I can only be in the states for so many days because of tax ramifications.  I love when I get to go home, but I have an excuse to go on some fantabulous vacations and believe me, I have been on some spectacular ones.

I was originally going to go the China, but it is darn hard to get a tourist visa from here in Afghanistan.  So China will be out for awhile.  I am not going to count it out just yet.  I will keep China on my vacation to do list.  I decided that I don’t want to spend too much money, but I wanted to go some place relaxing where I can do nothing on the cheap.  I am all about cheap.  It is actually cheaper to stay on this side of the world than to fly home.  Those plane tickets are bone crushingly high these days.  It is actually all the taxes and fees that drive the tickets up, but don’t get me started on that losing battle.

My next choice, Bali, Indonesia.  I was originally going to go there a couple of years ago, but there was a big earthquake in Jakarta, so that trip was canceled and I went to South Africa instead, which by the way was the best trip I every had.  If I had my SA trip pictures I would have posted some for you.  It was amazing. They are all on a hard drive at the house.

Let me tell you I hate trip planning.  I know you are saying ” Why don’t you just use a travel agent?”  Well so far I have had really good luck with making my own arrangements and I am a veteran of traveling, so I don’t have a problem with doing it myself.  Plus I don’t think I will get exactly what I want from the trip if I use someone else.  My way of thinking is to get to the place I want to go, have a place to stay and sight-see off the cuff.  I don’t like to have iron clad plans that I will be locked into.  I want to sleep in and do nothing when I feel like it.

My plan is to go to the city of Ubud in Bali.  I am still researching things to see, but if anyone has any suggestions or would like to share their travel experience to Indonesia, I am all ears. I have already booked my room and I am now on the search for an affordable plane ticket.  I will worry about activities after I get there pretty much.  I love sight seeing.

OH, I also started a travel page here on Liz’s Fantabulous Day Blog.  I will be taking some time to update that page with my new and past adventures.  More to come on that one……

I would love to hear your thoughts and don’t be afraid to chime in on the fun poll below. I love for you to leave a comment and tell me a bit about your favorite vacation.

Your Lurvly Lotus Lizzy 🙂

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4 Responses to Fantabulous Day #138 – Blog Crack, Vacation Plans, Ubud Bali & New Travel Page

  1. Wow, girl….Afghanistan! You are a long way from home. So glad I’ve found you in the blogging world!

  2. anjaliyogini says:

    Liz, when I was in India last January 2012 I met a Swedish lady who calls Bali home so I said to her is it anything like what we saw in the film “Eat Pray Love”? And she said it is exactly like that and I was shocked because rarely does anyone say exactly and she’s been there 12 years. There Is a writers conference held at Ubud and a friend and I always dream of attending! Others who I know have had only the best experiences there so I wish you a great vacation. When do you plan to be there?

I would luv, luv, to hear from you! :)

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