Fantabulous Day #140 – Day of Rememberance, 9/11

Not Forgotten

I never forget where I was on 9/11.  I never forget wanting to make a difference.  I never forget the decision to work overseas.  I never forget standing at several ramp ceremonies for soldiers that were on their way home after losing their lives.  I never forget the people I work with who have also lost their lives working with the military.  I never forget that there are people all over the world fighting the good fight everyday along with us.  People, military and civilian alike that work hand in hand because of 9/11.  Those are things that I will never, ever forget.

So I will keep it short and sweet today and ask that you all never forget about all the men and women serving in hostile areas for freedom.  It certainly is not cheap and yet we all enjoy it without a second thought.

Yes, I will always remember. And I want to give a huge shout out and just say “THANK YOU!” to all those who have give their lives for me.


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4 Responses to Fantabulous Day #140 – Day of Rememberance, 9/11

  1. Beautifully stated. I can only say…I agree and amen.

  2. CultFit says:

    Thank you so much for this today! Please be safe and take care. 🙂

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