Fantabulous Day #142 – Fruit Grave Yard, Pizza Night & Fan Day Radio Update

Fruit Grave Yard

We always get more than we need.  I have fruit sitting on my desk, just in case I need it.  It looks good now, but it won’t in a couple of days.  But today is movie night and I don’t want no stinking fruit.  I want pizza!  I really have a love affair with pizza.  It makes my tummy so happy.  🙂 🙂 🙂 That is my story anyway and I am sticking to it.

Well I had very busy to day, not to include all the pizza ordering I did.  I don’t know how I became the pizza wench for movie night but I did.  I guess I do such a fantabulous job of it so I got picked.  My boss actually flips for the pizza and we really appreciate it.  No one wants to have dining facility food all the time.  My boss always ask me, “Are we having pizza tonight?”  As if I am the approver.  I always respond “Are we?”  And then he says “Yes.”  It is our little game that we play.  🙂

We have not watched the movie yet so I don’t actually know what it is.  I just want the pizza.  I know that is kind of messed up.

Travel Page Update:  I was doing a search on my personal hard drive and decided to look for .jpg’s.  Guess what?  I found tons of my vacation pictures.  YEAH!  I was so excited, so you all will be benefiting from my masterful, vacation, picture taking.  I will start posting them slowly.  I don’t want to kill anyone.  Visit the Travel Page ever so often and you may be in for a treat.

Podcast Update:  I have been working on the next show episode of Fan Day Radio, keep your eyes open for it.  As usual I have a lot to say.  You know, I truly believe I always have some good to say.  🙂 Let me tell it anyway.  Well time to go pickup the pizzas.

Later My Blogging Friends and Readers

Your Lurvly Lotus Lizzy

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4 Responses to Fantabulous Day #142 – Fruit Grave Yard, Pizza Night & Fan Day Radio Update

  1. runwkate says:

    That’s not messed up at all! Pizza is way better than the movie. Perfect pair 😉

  2. Pizza….even better for breakfast:)

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