Fantabulous Day #144 – Somebody Save Me from the Junk, Soap Box Time, Win Win in Order

Did I say I am a junk food Junky?  If you haven’t heard it, then I will tell you.  I am a junk food junky.  I love Oreos, but who doesn’t.  No, I don’t like to dip them in milk.  I am highly lactose intolerant and will become weaponized and kill my office mates if I drink a drop of milk.  (If you know what I mean.) As you can see all the language on the box is foreign so that means I can eat it.  I can’t see how many calories it is, so I think it is OK.  🙂

This post actually is not about the Junk that you thinking of.  It does not have to do with food at all.  How many times have you opened the mail box and just had a ton of crap.  Everything from magazines, credit card offers, free newsletters, so called free offers and whatever.  I use to get all that stupid stuff. Then I put a spam blocker on my physical mailbox.

I must say I don’t miss it all.  All that paper that I immediately throw away once I get it.  You are saying  “What do you mean Lizzy?” I know, I can read your mind.  I subscribed to a service that virtually deletes all junk mail for that little box outside your residence or PO Box, if that is what you use.

I ran across this site some years ago.  It is time for me to renew my subscription so I thought I would share.  I had forgotten about it until I got a reminder in my email box to re-up.

How it works:

You subscribe ( there is a fee of $35 Annually), you select the kind of mail you are getting (magazine or catalogs) you want to stop.  You can turn those on or off at will, so you will still receive your favorite junk.  You will see the paper in you box decrease dramatically. will contact the companies as your representative to tell them to cease and desist with the junk.  You don’t have to do anything. The fee is well worth.

There is another important benefit.  You can avoid identity theft.  That is a big one.  I hate thieves and why give the additional  opportunities to rip you off.  I don’t get anything for recommending this service.  Just sharing.

I hardly have any mail coming to my home.  That is great.  You win, because now you only get the important stuff and the earth wins because there will be more trees in the world because of you.

See I was on my soap box and you didn’t even know it. Now I am stepping off and slowly walking away. 🙂

Your Lurvly Hippy Lizzy 🙂

Blog Update – I just wanted to give a short update.  I would hate for you to miss anything.  🙂
Podcast Pages Reorganized
Added Page with Product Reviews
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4 Responses to Fantabulous Day #144 – Somebody Save Me from the Junk, Soap Box Time, Win Win in Order

  1. I hate junk mail; this is so good to know. Thanks for sharing!

  2. runwkate says:

    Oh no! I commented but silly computer deleted it. never mind 🙂

    Point was – I think oreos are vegan (no lactose!) but it freaks me out that the ‘cream’ has no milk in it – at all! Mmmm Oreos. See, now I want some. I blame you.

    Secondly, the physical spam filter is an excellent idea. I can’t quite believe how much junk you were getting though!

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