Fantabulous Day #145 – Hey There’s a Booger In Your Nose!

I swear I can not see you.

I don’t see nuffin! What are you doing lookin up my nose?

I was reading some of my content that I had just updated here on LizForADay.  I found a gazillion typos.  I wonder did anybody see them and ignore it because they loved me so much or did they do the exact opposite and loose total respect for anything that I have posted so far?  Now my credibility has gone down the drain.

Oh wait I ain’t got no credibility.  Who cares. 🙂

Story……I have to ask, why do men always immediately wipe their nose with their bare hands when you tell them they have something a creepin up there?  I would always make sure that I was holding my son’s hands down to his side when I told him, because I knew what he was going to do.  It is a man’s natural reflex, I guess.  Eww….Men!

Really there is a moral to the story here.  That being constructive criticism.  I have on many occasion witnessed unquestionable acts of misspellings, wrong word usage etc. .  Things that no blogger in their right mind will let go of without a trial, jury and hang post.  No doubt I probably missed a few on this fantabulous day.  I never said a word when I saw those errors.  Oh please forgive me oh mighty blog-o-spehere!

I usually just think to myself  “Nobodies Perfect”  and continue with my addictive blog reading.  I sometimes wonder should I say something.  Will my new blog buddy be offended and be too sensitive to just say thank you and make the correction?

Well I am here to tell you my friends that I am by no means sensitive.  I can take it like a champ, so if you see anything out of line here at LizForADay I would be more than appreciative if you told me.

And please by all means if you see me with a booger in my nose, I beg of you to tell me and not let me walk around with that nasty thing hanging out of my nose.

If someone tells you that you have a booger in your nose, dig that thing out, walk with your head up right and know you have a friend for life.

Hopefully Booger-less Lurvly Lizzy 🙂

P.S.  I wonder can I be lurvly with snot running down my face.  🙂

OK, you have to tell me what you think of constructive criticism. 

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10 Responses to Fantabulous Day #145 – Hey There’s a Booger In Your Nose!

  1. Simon says:

    Boogers and typos in one day…. you must be having one hell of a day.

  2. CultFit says:

    Typos … We’re not perfect. Heck, sometimes I leave them right in the post just to see if anyone is reading. 😉
    Snot adds charter, even when it is running down your face! 🙂

  3. runwkate says:

    Oh my goodness! We don;’t tell you because we ALL do it – I am so tired of fixing up my posts to read them and find another. As for boogers – that’s life, and I would totally tell you!

  4. Run DMT says:

    A good friend always corrects your typos and tells you when you have “cars in your garage” as my sister and I would call our noticeable boogers.

I would luv, luv, to hear from you! :)

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