Fantabulous Day #147 – Zombies…ZOMbies…..ZOMBIES! Run, Liz, Run! Zombie Run 10K Sign Up

I have been watching the Walking Dead TV series and I love zombie mania.  Then I started seeing these cool posters popping up all over the compound.  Zombie Runs…sounds interesting.  I know there are probably a gazillion zombie runs going on all over the US from now until Halloween.  This is going to be so exciting.  I not only signed myself up for the 10K, but I drug my co-workers into it kicking and screaming as well.  I figure we could always use some team building.  🙂

I didn’t think I would have a chance to do any more official runs before the Disney 1/2 Marathon.  So this will be a good gauge of where I am in my training.  Believe it or not, I am not even nervous.  I am planning to have a lot of fun and not take it too seriously.  I am not going to worry too much on my best time, but I do want to stay within a certain time frame per mile.  Actually, this will be my first 10K, so any time will be my best time.  🙂 I still think it is doable.

Zombies in Kabul 1/2 2012

I have become the company team organizer.  My plan was to use this as a team building activity and get everyone moving.  All the Suckers good, kind people fell for it agreed.  My company also agreed to get us all race shirts, which is awesome.   That was an incentive for my fellow zombies to run of course.  They are so greedy.  🙂

Brains are Sweet at 6000FT

I guess I better get running, because I have not ran a lick this week and I am OK with that.  Yeah, I am one of those kind of runner.  I do want to have a decent time so I will resume my training.

Are any of you out there running with the Zombies this fall season?

Your Zombie & Lurvly Lizzy 🙂

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11 Responses to Fantabulous Day #147 – Zombies…ZOMbies…..ZOMBIES! Run, Liz, Run! Zombie Run 10K Sign Up

  1. MuddyJ says:

    I am so jealous! I would love to run the 21k! The walking dead is indirectly responsible for me getting back into shape.. iwent to their website and found an ad for the “run for your lives” zombie infested 5k obstacle course…..the earliest one I could sign up for is coming in December …. so I started training and signed up for a bunch more……and thuswas born MuddyJ…..

    • LizForADay says:

      I am going to do the 10K, so you don’t have to be jealous. 🙂 I am saving the 1/2 for January. I still got a lot of training to go. I plan on having fun. I am trying to be like you when I grow up. 🙂

      • MuddyJ says:

        I am training for my first full marathon in about 6 weeks… and my first tough mudder in two weeks.. should be A LOT of fun…..I’ll be running the “Run For Your Lives” in december, 5k zombie infested obstacle course

      • LizForADay says:

        That sounds like a lot of fun. If I were in the states I think I would do as much zombie runs as I could stand. 🙂

  2. CultFit says:

    I’ll gladly trade you a CultFit shirt for one of your awesome shirts!
    Rip It … Helped me through a many long nights over there. 😉

    • CultFit says:

      Tell you what. When you get a free minute please send me an email

      I take it you have access to an APO address and seeing that I work on a base here in the US … You deserve a nice big old care package!!!

  3. I totally LOVE the Walking Dead! It comes back on with new episodes next month and I can’t wait!!!

  4. runwkate says:

    That’s awesome Liz! Good luck 😀

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