Fantabulous Day #148 – Big Feet..No Problem..Baby Steps & 100 Likes

I love these Shoes!

My feet ain’t that big, but you know what I mean.  I am a huge advocate of starting any endeavor slowly and building up.  If I tried to go run a marathon before doing any training, I would be so disappointed and would quit.  I did decide to run the Disney 1/2 marathon without knowing if I could actually do it.  I have faith in myself and I am like the little train that can. So I signed up and I am on my way.

It is good to have goals.  I like having race goals.  That usually keeps me running moving, because I don’t want to look like a total poopy head when race time comes around.  I started in May.  I am now 4 months into my training and I have 3 months left until the big day.   I am so excited and happy I decided to do this.

Originally when I started this blog my goal was to post 365 post in 365 days.  Life happened and that goal went down the drain.  I really was not that motivated since I did not get any traffic on my GoDaddy blog site.  That site sucked.  I wish I had started with WordPress.  I get some fantabulous feedback.  I love to entertain, can’t you tell.  Being hosted on GoDaddy was like having a party that nobody wanted to come to.  You know “All dressed up with nowhere to go thing.”  Oh well.  Sorry for the rant.  I love WordPress.  🙂


I started with WordPress at the beginning of July and I have over 100 likes.  That is so awesome.  I know for sure at least somebody actually read my entertaining stuff 100 times.  That is so cool.   I have also gained some great online buddies to boot.  So my original goal was not a bust, it just morphed into something else.  It was not a total failure.  I love it.

I still have to remember to take baby steps with whatever I do.  Sometimes I have the all or nothing mentality and that never works for me.  Oh well.

Your Lurvly Likable 🙂 Lizzy

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8 Responses to Fantabulous Day #148 – Big Feet..No Problem..Baby Steps & 100 Likes

  1. Run DMT says:

    Did I know you were doing the Disney Half? I’m sorry for being flaky if you had, but that is AWESOME! Way to go for setting goals! I’ll be there cheering for you every step of the way!

  2. runwkate says:

    Blogging is just one of those things that gets better and better as you go :-). Love you lots!

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