Fantabulous Day #153 – OH No! It’s Moving Day & Nobody Told Me..Ugggg

Moving Gheddo Style. 🙂

Really nobody told me.  The dirty dogs.  I got to work and I was told you need to move offices.  When?  Today!  Ahhhhhhhhh! (You have to say that last sentence as if you are Charlie Brown)  That is telling my age.

OK, I really did not put up much of a fight.  My current office kind of sucked, but I’m not one to complain.  🙂  As you can see I immediately looked on the bright side of things.


My thoughts: (You have to read these fast!)

Oh No!
I have to start in 2 hours.
I hope I don’t have to pick up anything. There is a lot of stuff in here.
I only have Nawid to help. OMG!
I can’t believe Simon is not here.
I should have called out sick.
Good thing I didn’t do my nails today..I would have been pissed!

Then the positive thoughts set in: (You have to read these slow!)

I can throw my charm around to get the men to move my stuff.
We have a gazillion bags.  Finally I can recycle.
The sun is much better on this side of the building.
I am so much closer to the bathroom, but far enough away so I don’t have to smell it.
I can see all the beautiful men in shorts playing soccer, with bustling muscles, that call my name  get lots of fresh air from my window, which happens to be over the soccer field. 🙂 🙂
Best of all…Finally an excuse not to work.  (I wonder how long I can stretch this out?) 🙂

(Back to Normal Speed)

Simon is my office mate  and of course he is somewhere in the world exercising his elbows right now.  Drinking I am assuming….without me….that pathetic so in so.  I still love him anyway.  Somebodies got to do it.  I will be doing it next month and he can hold down the fort. Whenever one of us are out on R&R someone makes a decision for us to move.  What is up with that? This is move number 4 in the last 8 months.  😦

So I have to be the mastermind of the office move this time.  Thankfully we only moved a couple of offices down.  And you know since I am a lotus blossom, I really didn’t pick up anything heavy.  I was however very tired from directing traffic.  My finger was exhausted from pointing to the places that I wanted stuff unloaded to and stuff picked up from.  I even got tired of telling those guys a little to the left, no no more to the right.  That may sound hilarious, but keep in mind they didn’t speak a word of English.  So I may as well of been speaking Greek, which I don’t speak either, but I think my English is good (not great) on most days.   I will blame that on my public school education 🙂

Of course we moved ghetto style as you can see from the boxes bags in the picture.  No, they weren’t Walmart bags, but they sure look like them.  I think Walmart may order their bag stash from Afghanistan.  At least I will not be seeing these bags in the one canal that goes through the middle of town here in Kabul.  If I didn’t know any better, I would think that WAS the landfill.  (Not Joking!)

At the end of the day, all got move.  Nothing got broken (to include my nails).  We were all happy in the end.  At least I was and that is what counts when you are in the office with the Queen.

You Lurvly Lotus Queen Lizzy 🙂

Awwww…Somebody Left Me Flowers. XOXO!

PS.  I got flowers to soften the blow.  Thanks, you know who.  🙂  (Actually it was just a picture left on my desk, I am not picky.  )

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4 Responses to Fantabulous Day #153 – OH No! It’s Moving Day & Nobody Told Me..Ugggg

  1. Definitely making lemonade of out of those lemons! And yay for soccer players! 😉

  2. runwkate says:

    Bahaha – your poor finger! Liz, love the attitude :-). Happy flower picture day…

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