Fantabulous Day #155 – Afghan Apreciation Day & Girl Power

Today was Afghan Employee Appreciation Day for our company.  Basically it was a huge lunch to say thank you for the hard work.  Actually this was yesterday.  I was too tired to gather my thoughts for this one.  It was a great day.  We are not only here to support the military but we are teaching the Afghan people to support themselves.  That’s not going so well, but some of the Afghan employees do a great job that work with us.  Believe me those suckers will mutiny in a minute.

Small % of our workers. I am dead center.

This is only a small percentage of our workers.  I know it is hard to see, but it is all man here.  Despite what you may have heard US woman are well respected. Our boss makes sure the Afghan women are as well.  There are not many Afghan woman who are allowed to work with American companies.  Of course we westerners embrace change.  The two women on the left were still going through the hiring process.

Below is our Girl Power! minus one.  I was mad that I did not get a shot of all the ladies. Oh well, maybe next time.  All the important people were there. Namely the Queen! 🙂

As usual, it only takes a small group to make things happen.  I only took pictures, but all the other old folks were drop dead tired.  We poured a few drops of water into their mouths so they would not dehydrate and left them there.  We figured they would wake up eventually.  🙂

All in all, it turned out to be a great day.  Thanks Boss! And honorable mention to the lazy bums in the picture.

Your Lurvly & Lovable Lotus Lizzy 🙂

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16 Responses to Fantabulous Day #155 – Afghan Apreciation Day & Girl Power

  1. Tom says:

    Great Job Liz! I liked it and I must say, that handsome man back far left was great too! Oh that’s right, that was me.. Hum, personal opinion.. LOL I was a great Time and we all had fun!

  2. anjaliyogini says:

    Hiya, nice to see and read about the real side of your work there, thanks

  3. Thanks for the work that all of you are doing and thanks for this post to let us share in some of it:)

  4. runwkate says:

    Yeah – very cool to see some of your work colleagues! Have a wonderful weekend dear Liz!

  5. CultFit says:

    Free food and I wasn’t invited?!? Geez … 😉 Have a happy and safe weekend!!!

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