Fantabulous Day # 157 – You Don’t Need Garlic to Get Rid of Vampires!…..OH MY!..Soap Box Sunday


When people think of ways to reduce their carbon footprint, they think first of reducing their electricity usage. One reason for this is because it will also save money. Of course that is one way to help save the world. Within the “save energy realm” there is the reduction of vampire or phantom loads.

Now, you are thinking what is vampire or phantom loads? Let me tell you. Simply put, these terms refer to the standby power used by electrical appliances when you think they are off. If your television or DVD player has a tiny light on when you turn it off, chances are there is a vampire in your house. Yikes! Even items that don’t have a light could be a vampire.

There are a couple of ways to reduce this invisible electricity waste. You can unplug everything when not in use, or purchase special power strips, or even install a main switch that will turn everything off, fully, when you are not using them. Of course, you always want to leave the fridge on.

My goal is to have the green switch install eventually in my home. That way I can be lazy and only flip a switch to turn off everything. Since that is not an option at this time, I purchased smart strips for every room in my home. That is just a small thing that I hope will have a big impact on MY carbon footprint and if I save money in the process that would be great too. Then I can use that saving to do something else green. 🙂

Soap Box Sunday

I love standing on the soapbox.  It makes me feel tall.  🙂

The Green Boots Gal & Lotus Lizzy

PS – I hope you all are having a fantastic cool weekend.  Fall is definitely here.  🙂

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