NTC 5K Series Run 2012

This summer I was working in Afghanistan and only trained for about a month.  I had not run for over 8 months.  I was too busy relax and was in between jobs.  So I had the bright idea to run once again while I was on vacation.  I started training at the beginning of May and decided a the last minute to see how I would do on a 5K while home on vacation.  My expectations were low.  My goal was to Start…Finish…and not be last.

Flags Fly on Top of the NTC in Cermont, FL

This is one of the first things I saw when I arrived a the site.  It had been raining as it always does in Sunny Florida during the summer afternoons.  I was not sure if the race would be postpone or not.  Sure enough it was sunny skies once we arrived.

NTC Main Building

Above is the NTC main building.  This is the place that some of the olympic hopefuls have trained at.  That made me feel very good.

On My Way to Go Potty

I may not look it, but I was very nervous.  So off to the potty I went, just in case.

Tunes at the Ready

I had to make sure my music was ready to go.  I did not want to be fiddling around with that at the last minute.

Jockeying for Position

It was a very small crowd, which gave me doubts about my last goal not to be last.  Oh boy.  I decide to start at the back of the pack.  I knew I did not have that much training under my belt and I did not want to be in the way.

And We Off!

I’m Behind the Guy in the Green Shorts

I can’t believe there is anyone behind me.  That did not last long.

Go, Liz, Go

It did not take long to hit the first of many hills.  This course was extremely hilly.  It was Mt. Everest, after Mt. Everest.  This was a killer course.

My Crew Belinda

This is my cousin Linda.  She was nice enough to be the car key holder and picture taker.  Oh don’t let me forget my Cheer Leader.  I sure was glad to have her there.  I is so nice to have someone waiting for you at the end.  I love my cousin.

Lady and Baby!

I could barely push myself, let alone a stroller.  That lady is awesome.

Whose That?

Finally it is me coming around the bend to finish.  I have the finish in my sites.  And guess what?  It is all up hill.  OMG!

Thank God!

I can’t tell you how happy I was to get to the finish line.  That was a darn hard race, but I was so happy I did it.  Another 5K under my belt.

Luke & Me

I just met this kid.  He was about two steps ahead of me the whole way.  At the end he told me he tried to let me pass him at the water stop.  I thought that was very sweet.  I had to take a picture with him.  We both struggled a bit, but WE DID IT!


This is the non sweaty version of Linda.  Isn’t she beautiful.  That’s my Crew.

NTC 5K Series Run 2012-  43min 36sec

That was not my best time, but I will take it.  🙂

Good Job Lizzy!

I would luv, luv, to hear from you! :)

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