Orlando Summer Run 2011

This was my very first 5K.  I was working in Iraq and I have been running for a couple of months.  I was going to be going home for vacation add decided to look for a race that I could do.  I was lucky to find one during the time frame that I would be home.  I didn’t take many pictures.  I was not blogging at that time or I probably would have.  I also did not have anyone there with me, so I had to ask a stranger to take the pictures for me.

My very 1st race number.  I was so excited when I opened my packet and there it was. I took it out very delicately and put it in on my shirt.  I was lovin life at this point.

After the run I kind of wander around.  I talked with a few people and got a feel for how the race culture

PR/PB-Orlando Summer Run 5K 2011-35min 28 Seconds


I would luv, luv, to hear from you! :)

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