Current FD Radio Episode/ Fan Day Radio #21

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 How to Make Moving Popular, Zombie Run, Sucky Stats, Self-Hosting Blog

Topics – Blog Updates, Travel Pages, Run Liz Run Training Update, Zombie Run, Comment Love, How Moving got Popular

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 Blog Organization, Travel Pages, Running Outside, Friendly Motivation (Guilt Trip Exercise Partners), Run Liz Run Training Update

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9 Responses to Current FD Radio Episode/ Fan Day Radio #21

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  3. Hi Liz…tried to listen to the episode above but could not get it to respond. I am enjoying your blog and would love to hear what you are doing with this Fan day Radio. laWould you tell me if I’m not doing something right. I clicked on the place where it says “click here” and then when it brought up the screen I clicked the play arrow.

    • LizForADay says:

      I just tested it on my end and it worked for me. When you click the link it should take you to another instance of your browser and you will see the image of the podcast with the player underneath. It should start playing without you clicking anything else. Try going to the feed at the top right hand corner of the site and play from there. I tried all the links and the feed and it worked. Do you have itunes. If you do I will explain how to subscribe and send a link directly to you. Keep in mind you do not need to have itunes. Let me know.

    • LizForADay says:

      Here is a direct link also. Try this.

      [audio src="" /]

  4. Jan says:

    Hi I did get it through itunes… thanks so much

    • LizForADay says:

      Great. I just posted a page on how to subscribe. I should have done that a long time ago, but the site is a work in progress. I really hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening.

  5. savvygrammie says:

    Got it through iTunes… Yea! Thanks

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