I never in my wildness dreams thought of going to Africa.  I did not know anyone there and I never read any books on Africa.  I did not have any innate urge or draw to go to this continent.  But for some reason in 2007 I decided to visit the mother land.  My original plan was to go to Australia for my vacation. After talking with a coworker who had been to Africa, I was convince to go.  So I did my research, planned my tip, packed my bags and off I went to Africa.

My route was from Dubai to Johannasburg……Kruger National Park…Swaziland….Cape Town…Zambia….Livingston, Zimbawee…..Dubai

I had a 14 day window, 5 flights and I plan to see as much as I can.  After all I am a sightseer at heart, so I figured it was doable and it was.  I saw just about everything I wanted to and I still got lots of rest.

This was by far the best vacation that I had taken.

More to come….

Updated 9/13/2012

I would luv, luv, to hear from you! :)

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